Formative's traditional format allows for self-paced lessons and assessments that provide real-time data, so teachers can send immediate feedback. Scrolling through a screen filled with numerous questions can sometimes be overwhelming for students. To increase focus on individual questions and avoid confusion, teachers now have the ability to assign formatives to show one question at a time. Students assigned these type of formatives will have control when to move on from one question to the next.

Step One: Create your lesson/assessment

Build from scratch by adding content, questions, or uploading existing materials.

Or, grab a copy of a pre-made formative from the Library tab.

Step Two: Assign to your students

Choose a class or classes to assign the formative to. Click "Assign settings (optional)" and toggle on "Single Question View".

Student View

When students access Single Question View formatives, they will see the first question on their screen. To move on to the next question, students will need to click the "Next" button located on the top right side of their screen.

Students also have the option to navigate back to former questions by clicking the "Previous" button located on the top left side of their screen.

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