Teachers can now create questions attached to specific times in a video. Students will see the questions pop up when the video reaches the selected time. Students are still able to control the video by playing, pausing, adjusting the time, and moving the video forward or backward.

To add time-stamped questions to a video:

  1. Select the red "Video" content option

  2. Record, upload, or insert your video link

  3. Once the video loads, select "Insert Video"

  4. Move the time scroll bar below the video to the desired time, then click "Add item at X:XX".

  5. Select question type

  6. Create your question as normal

  7. Repeat for as many questions you would like to attach to the video!

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why do I get a warning message "This video does not support timestamp questions."

Video playback is dependent on the type of video and the browser it is being viewed in. As of right now, only certain videos from Google Drive are supported for question timestamps. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or recorded through our video recording feature are all supported currently.

If you've added a link from Google Drive there are a few things you can check to make sure the video timestamps feature will work.

  • The Google Drive video file must be an mp4

  • The Google Drive video file must be public

Can I add more than one question at the same time?

You can add more than one question at a particular timestamp by clicking the "Add item at X:XX" button again, clicking the "+" in the question area, or by duplicating a question.

Can I use video timestamps during Teacher Paced Mode?

Yes! Students will still see and be able to control the video in the same way during Teacher Paced Mode. Each student will be able to control the video on their own screen.

What if I don't want to add videos at a particular time?

Not a problem! Simply click "Add item at 0:00" and you can add your questions. Students will still be able to view them ahead of time by clicking the drop down arrow next to each question in the right-side column.

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