⭐️Featured Update⭐️

😎 Teacher-Paced Mode is here!

This past month we launched the long-awaited Teacher-Paced Mode feature. Guide your students through a lesson one question or content-group at a time! The best part? It's FREE for all users! Check out the video below for a preview:

To learn more, read our Teacher-Paced Mode Help Center article.

⭐️Updates for Premium Users⭐️

😎 Attach questions to any content type

Attaching and grouping questions are now possible with all red content types, including Embed, Text Block, and White Board. Click the blue plus sign to group questions to a specific content item. This is a great way to break up a formative into sections. Don't want to attach questions? No problem. Students will still see the full-size content item if there are no questions added.

😎 New Question Type: Video Response

Allow students to upload or record a video or screencast in direct response to a question or prompt! Videos have a 2 minute time limit.

😎 Audio/Video response player improvements

Audio and video responses now have playable previews/answer cards on the View Responses page.

⭐️Updates for All Users⭐️

😎 Title and Instructions Block

The Formative title can now be edited at the top of the list of questions. An instructions block can also be expanded that shows permanently above the formative, even when questions are randomized.

😎 Drag to move modals

You can now drag/move modals around within the viewport by clicking and holding the six dots in the upper left corner of the modal. Useful for situations like Show Your Work questions where the math equation or image upload modal can cover some of the question.

😎 Standards grouping in Tracker

Standards in the tracker can now be collapsed and expanded to show sub-standards by group, making your Tracker more organized and less cluttered!

😎 See co-teacher information in expanded class view

On the Classes page, co-teachers can now be viewed at the top of the list of students when a class view is expanded.

Most of these changes were inspired by teacher requests. You, too, can make a mark on the evolution of Formative! Head to our Formative Feedback page where you can submit a new idea or vote on existing suggestions!

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