⭐️ Featured Update ⭐️

💐 Essay Questions are now called Free Response!

Did you know everything the former Essay question could do? Well, it can do so much, we've changed the name to Free Response! Ask a question that allows students choice in how they respond. Students can type, select text to add formatting, or access the blue plus sign menu to record audio and video, insert images, math, emojis, files, and documents! Students can even drag and drop any of these file types into their response. Find out more in our Help Center by clicking here, or watch the animation below for a demo.

⭐️ Premium and Partner School, District, and Team Updates ⭐️

💐 Math Keyboard in Show Your Work (beta)

Students and teachers can use the math keyboard in a Show Your Work box by clicking on the new math symbol in the left-hand menu!

💐 Teacher and Student Score Threshold Improvements

Students now see the same color coding for score thresholds in their progress bar as their teacher when scores are returned within a formative. Adjust your score thresholds and color coding on your profile settings page.

💐 File Upload to questions

File uploads of less than 100 MB are now supported in all question types. Add any file type for students to download. Students can also now add a file upload to Free Response questions.

💐 Drag and Drop into Question and Content items

Any file you would normally add using the blue plus sign can now be added by dragging and dropping from your device, making it easier than ever to provide your students with the materials they need. Students can also drag and drop files into a Free Response answer.

⭐️ Updates for All Users ⭐️

💐 Draw Option Added to Image Modal

When using the "Add Image" feature, students and teachers can now add a drawing in addition to uploading an existing file or taking a photo.

💐 Student Dashboard Button Improvements

The student formatives list now de-emphasizes the "Submitted" button so that only the "Open" Formatives have a blue button, making it easier for students to see what assignments still need to be completed.

💐 Audio Player Improvements

Everywhere in Formative that has an audio upload, whether by the teacher or the student, will now show the new and improved audio player, making it easier for students to tell when audio corresponds with text!

Most of these changes were inspired by teacher requests. You, too, can make a mark on the evolution of Formative! Head to our Formative Feedback page where you can submit a new idea or vote on existing suggestions!

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