⭐️ Premium and Partner School, District, and Team Updates ⭐️

🌦 Restore Deleted Items

If you deleted a question by mistake, or lost student responses by changing the question type after assigning a formative, you can now get it back using the triple dot menu in any formative! The question will be automatically added to the bottom of your formative. But the best part is, any student responses that were deleted will be returned as well!

🌦 Teachers AND students can now record video!

Our "Video" modal now allows teachers to record a video or upload video clips, or record their screen. Use this feature when creating a Video content block, adding a Video item to a question block, or sending video feedback!

Students can record or upload their own videos to "Free Response" question types by selecting "Video" from the blue multimedia plus sign.

*Note: There is a 2 minute limit to all recording and uploads. Uploaded videos will be cut after the 2:00 mark.

🌦 Audio Response Player Improvements

We've changed the way student Audio responses look on the View Responses page. You can now see and adjust the play time, adjust the volume, and even download as a .wav file!

🌦 Copy and paste images into any question type

No need to select "Image" from the blue plus sign. Now you can simply copy and paste using the mouse commands or keyboard shortcuts to add images and pdfs to question blocks!

🌦 Improvements to Changing Question Types

We've made several improvements to the way Formative responds to changing the question type to certain question types. Now, when you change the "Show York Work" question to another question type, the Show Your Work box, point values, answer keys, and standards will remain.

⭐️ Updates for All Users ⭐️

🌦 View Your Account Activity

Wondering what you did with that formative you can't find? Can't remember if you assigned to a certain class or not? Now, you can review your own activity on Formative. Go to your Account Info page and select "Activity" to check it out!

🌦 Restore Deleted Formatives

From your Activity page, you can click on the name of the deleted formative, then click "Restore" at the bottom of the formative page. Your formative will be intact, along with any settings and responses that were attached to it prior to deleting.

🌦 Copy and Paste Alert - See what students copied!

When you see an alert on a student response that reads "This response includes copy & pasted parts," click on "details" to see exactly what students copied and pasted!

🌦 Create Teacher and Student Avatars

In addition to uploading a profile photo, teachers and students can now create a unique avatar to represent their Formative self! Teachers can see student avatars on response pages, and students can see their teachers' avatars on their dashboard, and in the title bar of the formative they are working on.

You can even set avatars for your students from the "Classes" page! Go to your Account Info screen to get started on your own!

Most of these changes were inspired by teacher requests. You, too, can make a mark on the evolution of Formative! Head to our Formative Feedback page where you can submit a new idea or vote on existing suggestions!

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