⭐️ Partner School, District, and Team Updates ⭐️

🍀 Record video and screencasts! (beta)

If you are a member of a Partner School, District, or Team, when you want to add a video to any question or content block, you just have to click the blue "+" icon (found in any rich text field). Then, click "Video", where you will have the option to record directly using your camera, upload from your device, or record and upload a screencast. Check out the animation below to see how it works.

*Note: This is currently a beta feature, and we would love to hear your feedback!

⭐️ Updates for All Users ⭐️

🍀 See student activity

Easily see your students' activity over the past 14 days, including when they open and submit formatives, answer questions, and more!

🍀 Enhance PDF - change the file but keep the questions!

Find a mistake on your pdf? No problem! Now you can switch out the file without losing the questions you've attached! *Note: changing pdf will count towards 25 uploads per month limit

🍀 Undo submission

Removing the submission will allow the student to retake the assignment. The answers the student has added will not be changed or removed.

🍀 Drag and drop images into image modal

You can now drag and drop a file into the "Add Image" modal, instead of having to search your computer!

🍀 Enhance PDF - Drag questions between pages

Move questions from one page of a pdf to another by dragging the blue question number.

Or, click the 6 dots next to each question, then click "Move Here" to move questions on to or off of the page!

🍀 Draw Feedback button moved

The "Draw Feedback" button is now located beneath the student's response in the preview pane so it does not block the students' answers.

🍀 Improved Zoom on uploaded pdfs

When students click "Zoom In" on an uploaded pdf, it will now take up more of the screen, making it easier for students to read.

Have a great idea for Formative, but don't see it here? Head to our Formative Feedback page where you can submit a new idea or vote on existing suggestions!

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