We've been busy here at Formative through the month of December. Here are the features we are most excited to share with you as we begin this long-awaited new year!

❄️ Add an image using your built-in camera!

We are extremely excited to give students and teachers the ability to add an image with your device's camera. You can even use the selfie camera on your mobile device to add a photo in a snap!

❄️ Assign a score of "0" with a single click!

You can now just click on the default slider position to assign a score of "0" to a question.

❄️ Force Submit for students who have already submitted

Did you add questions to a formative after students took it? You can now force submit for students, even if they have already submitted a formative! Simply click the student's name and click the triple dot menu in the answer panel.

⭐️ Premium and Partner User Updates ⭐️

❄️ Enhanced PDF shows in "Show Your Work" sidebar

Students (and teachers previewing) can now view any uploaded and transformed document in the "Show Your Work" sidebar when answering in an expanded drawing, allowing them to see the question while showing their work!

❄️ Print multiple students' formatives in a single file

We've updated our printing settings. You can now select multiple students to print at a time and it will no longer open a separate tab for each student. All of their work will be printed in one file!

❄️ Remove yourself as a collaborator on shared folders (⭐️ Partner Teams, Schools, and Districts only ⭐️ )

Did another teacher add you as a collaborator on a folder? You can now remove yourself from that folder. Just make sure that there is nothing in that folder you want access to, you will lose access to everything inside!

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