☃️ Move a formative into a folder from within the formative

No need to go back to your dashboard. You can keep your formatives organized wherever you are on the site! Just use the triple dot menu to access this option!

☃️ New alerts when students change their response (⭐️ Premium Feature ⭐️)

For manually-graded questions, you can now tell if a student has made changes after you've scored them in summary view! You'll see an exclamation mark alert in Totals on the "View Responses" tab. Hover over it to read: "This response was edited after it was graded."

☃️ Social Studies Assessments

Social Studies teachers rejoice! Stanford History Education Group's (SHEG) "Beyond the Bubble" history assessments have been adapted and are now available in the Library. Enter Quick Code DGEDS9 to add a copy of them to your Formatives Dashboard!

You can also grab Open Stax - American Government 2e assessments! Enter Quick Code SAEM38 to add a copy of them to your Formatives Dashboard!

☃️ Search Google Images within Formative

You can now easily run a Google Image search to add images to your questions, text blocks, or Show Your Work backgrounds. No need to save images or copy URLs ahead of time!

Adding links in RichText is easier than ever! Simply type a link or copy a URL, like google.com and it will automatically link.

☃️ Require LTI Launch (⭐️ Partner Schools and Districts Feature ⭐️ )

Our Partner Schools using LTI grade pass back can ensure that they are able to do so by requiring students to access their formatives through Canvas. Just toggle that feature in the "Assign Settings" menu!

Note: This applies to Blackbaud, Canvas, PowerSchool Learning, Schoology, and other learning systems using LTI

Already have classes made in Formative but want to be able to use Google Classroom's integration features? From the "Classes" tab, click the blue "Google Classroom Sync" button, sign into Google, and select "Link to existing class". Google will automatically associate those students with their Google Classroom emails. Find out more about Google Classroom integrations with Formative here.

Many schools may be taking breaks this winter, but the Formative team will still be here working to make your experience better every day. Keep an eye out for even more updates next month!

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