To get started answering using a whiteboard, click on the "Show Your Work" button wherever you see it on a formative.

Once you are in the whiteboard, you can read the question and click the down arrow icon to minimize it. This will give you more room to answer.

Line Options

By clicking the flat line at the top of the tool bar, you can control the size, color, thickness, and style of line. Use this menu to change the look of any drawing lines, shapes, and text that you type.

Tip: Once you change line color, the default is gray, not black

Upload an Image

Click on the image icon to add any image from your computer, Google Drive, or even your built-in camera! To add a photo from your phone's Photo Library, select "My Device".

Editing Options

You can easily change the size and shape of objects, images, and text, and rotate them with the "Select" tool.

Erasing items and getting more space to work

When you use the eraser tool, you can quickly delete any item on the Show Your Work whiteboard by clicking and swiping over them. Be careful to only erase the parts you want to erase!

Then, if you want more space to work, use the "Hand" tool to pan over to a blank space. Your teacher will still be able to see all of your work!

Finishing your work

When you are done, click on the blue checkmark in the upper right corner of the whiteboard. This will take you back to the main Formative screen. You will see a preview of all the work your teacher will see.

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