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Gold plan schools and districts can use Blackbaud's OneRoster capabilities to roster educators and students.

Step 1: Get OneRoster sync credentials

Blackbaud platform managers can create credentials for OneRoster integrations: a OneRoster Base URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

OneRoster Base URL: Your base URL is based on your Blackbaud access URL; if your Blackbaud domain name is yourschool.myschoolapp.com then your Base URL will be https://yourschool.myschoolapp.com/ims/oneroster/v1p1, for example.

Step 2: Send us the credentials securely

Encrypt the consumer secret into a secure sharing URL using dead-drop.me/ with access granted to "@goformative.com". Send the Base URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret to your success manager.

Please also send the following information:

  • List of organizations to roster (e.g. campuses in a district)

  • NCES / government identifiers for each organization, if available

  • Email domains of the users to import

  • When to start the import running (if not immediately).

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