After you've imported your Google Classroom class on the Classes page, you can share your formatives directly to your Google Classroom Classwork page and stream!

  1.  Go to "Assign"

  2. Select your Google Classroom Class (there will be a Google icon next to the class name)

  3. Click on "Adjust settings (optional)" to adjust optional settings

  4. Click "Assign & Post to Google":

A new window will launch asking you to sign in with your Google account. Choose the correct account, and the formative will be posted to your Google Classroom Classwork page as an assignment!

Tip: make sure that you have pop-ups enabled in your browser, so that the new tab can open and you can confirm your Google account.

If you'd prefer not to post the assignment to Google Classroom, you can choose the "Assign only" option. This can be useful if you are re-assigning a formative to a small group of students. When the students log in to Formative with their Google accounts, they will see the assignment on their dashboard.

What's Next?

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