Clear answers to individual questions!

You can now delete / clear an individual question that a student completed. This can be done even if the student hasn't submitted their Formative yet as well.

View student preview in another tab!

You can now view the student preview in another tab, if you want the full student experience. This also allows you to try testing out the submit button, which is exactly how it will look on the students side.

Invite students who already have a Formative account!

You can now invite students to your class even if they already have a Formative account. It will send them both an in-app notification and an email invite (for students who have an email address). If they accept either, they will immediately be a part of your class.

Create dashed lines in Show Your Work questions!

Now you can create dashed lines easily in any Show Your Work question.

Fill in shapes in Show Your Work questions!

You can now also create outlined shapes that use the dashed line feature, or create filled shapes as well.

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