New Way to Easily Link Outside Content/Videos Within Formatives:
You can now add a video, presentation, audio or documents to your formatives by pasting the link and Formative will take care of the rest! This works with YouTube, Vimeo, Google Docs, Google Drive or anything that supports a sharable url. 

Matching Question Type: Premium*
With our new Matching Question type, you can ask students to match terms, symbols, pictures, and more!

Draw Feedback! Premium*
Provide feedback by drawing, writing or typing on your students' Show Your Work submissions.

*The Matching Question type and the ability to draw feedback are just a few our many great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

More Information Available in Your Tracker:

The Tracker shows if a formative is assigned or unanswered. This helps you to see if a student didn't do their work or if it just isn't assigned to them yet. 

Other Enhancements:

• LaTeX options was replaced with "Math" and math features are aligned with text
• Missouri, Ohio (science), Arizona (social studies), Alabama (science), Texas (ELA), Virginia (science), Kentucky (ELA), Illinois (social sciences and ELA) and more!

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