Thinking of upgrading your account? A Premium subscription enables you to get creative with your formatives, differentiate more effectively, save time through scheduling and grading features, share student work, and make more data-informed decisions. Read on to find out more!

🌟 Get creative with your formatives

Our Premium-only content and question types (Audio, Audio Response, Categorize, File Response, Fill in the Blank, Graphing, Hot Text, Inline Choice, Match Table Grid, Matching, Numeric, Resequence, and Video Response) give you ultimate flexibility when creating your formatives!

Try using Categorize to have students sort vocabulary into synonyms or antonyms, or Matching to have students match chemical formulas with their common names. Numeric questions give students access to a numeric keyboard to type their answer, while Graphing questions allow them to create a graph from an equation or table of values. Resequence is great for putting steps of a process in order, and Audio and Video Response can be used for discussion!

You can even add questions to specific times in your video content!

Already have resources you love? Your Premium subscription comes with unlimited uploads of PDFs, Docs, Google Docs and other types of files. Use our Upload & Transform feature and simply add questions on top!

🌟 Meet more student needs with differentiation

Going Premium gives you many more Assign options, including the ability to assign formatives to individuals and groups:

In addition, Premium content and question types (such as Audio and Video Response) give you more options to customize your formatives to student needs. You can use Audio to read questions or content aloud, and Audio/Video Response provides an alternative to Short Answer or Free Response questions.

Try cloning a formative, adjusting it as necessary, then assigning that copy to a specific group.Β 

🌟 Let Formative do more of the grading work

With Premium, you can score multiple responses at the same time, as well as send feedback to multiple students at once!

Formative will also take on more of the grading work when you "Allow Partial Credit" or "Allow Partial Match." Simply toggle those options and let Formative do the rest!

Did a student write a response that was correct, but it didn't match the answer key? No problem! With Premium, you can add responses to the answer key as you grade them - updating the scoring for all students automatically.

🌟 Deter cheating

Our Premium features make cheating tougher! When you upgrade to Premium, you can randomize the order of questions that students receive, so students can't sneak a peek at a classmate's screen. You'll also receive an alert whenever a student copy and pastes their response:

🌟 Open a dialogue with your students

When a teacher has a Premium account, students can send messages to the teacher, in addition to the teacher sending messages to the student. Use Formative to intervene when it matters most - immediately - and redirect your students, address misconceptions, and answer questions!

With Premium your feedback doesn't have to be text, either. You can send images, video, emojis πŸ˜€, and even embed websites in your feedback! Too tired to type? Send a voice comment instead!

🌟 Integrate with Google Classroom

Love Google Classroom? So do we! Premium educators can not only import their Google Classroom classes, but post assignments to their Google Classroom stream with one click, and even pass grades back automatically!

🌟 Share your plans and student work

Educators who go Premium can print their formatives. Prepare ahead for subs by printing your blank formatives, and send student work home by printing student responses (with scores and/or feedback comments).

🌟 Make data-informed decisions

With Premium, your Tracker is unlimited, so you can track and study the progress of your students over the entire year (or even longer!). Use the Tracker (and our standards tagging feature) to check whether students have mastered your standards and see class averages, too!

Your Premium subscription also includes unlimited exports from View Responses and the Tracker to a CSV file or Google Sheets. Love data? This will enable you to sort and filter any way you like, and spot patterns and trends in your students' responses.

🌟 And more!

Going Premium brings you all these benefits... and more! With a Premium subscription, you'll also be able to:

  • Plan ahead by scheduling your formatives to open and close at specific times

  • Save time by setting default point values and assign settings for all formatives

  • Customize your score thresholds and colors

  • Preserve student privacy by randomizing the order of students in View Responses (great if you project the responses for class discussion)

  • Prevent students joining your class by mistake by locking your classes.

Ready to try it out?

Head over to our upgrade page to start a FREE 30 day trial!Β 

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