Bring Offline Online:
If your students completed their work offline, such as a printed copy of the formative, you can input their scores online! Click on your student's name on the View Response page and use the "force submission" button. Once it's submitted, you'll be able to score their responses.
Tip: Use the tab key on your keyboard to quickly enter scores!

Search for Formatives & Folders:
Now you can quickly find your formatives and folders by using the search bar at the top of your dashboard.

Last Seen Times:
See when your students were last using their Formative account on your Classes page. Prior to this change, their last log in time was displayed, but now you'll see when they were last active even if they stay logged in all the time.

Improvements to Restrict Individuals: Premium*
Easily toggle between allowing only certain students to access your formative or open for the whole class. This is a great feature to use when you realize some students are absent and you don't want them to access the formative until they're back in class or if your students need to individually complete prerequisite work before giving them access.

Improvements to the Numeric Question Type: Premium*
More keyboard symbols and characters are now supported with Numeric Questions! If your students enter a hashtag or other special character, Formative will display them neatly within their answers whether you view online or print.

*The Numeric question type and the ability to restrict formatives to individual students are just a few our many great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

Stay Collaborative: Exclusive Team/School Feature*
Don't accidentally delete or move formatives or folders that affect your collaborators. If you try to delete or move a formative to a folder your collaborators don't have access to, you'll receive a warning letting you know first. 

*Collaborator and other exclusive features are only available with a team or school license. Find out how Formative can improve learning at your school here

Formative & GDPR:
For our users in the European Union, Formative is officially GDPR compliant! Visit this page for more detailed information. If you're located in the EU and interested in learning how Formative can help your school, click here to schedule a chat.

Other Enhancements:
• Advancements to rostering & LTI support for partner schools
• New articles are always being added our interactive Help Center to help you get the most out of Formative
• Texas, Pennsylvania and Oregon standards added or updated in our database

Coming soon!
Show Your Work option for answers with other question types!

Check out our January changes in action! 👇

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