See & Add Standard Sets from Shared Formatives:
If you add a formative and another educator already tagged questions with standards that aren't in your account, we'll let you know. You can quickly see what the standards are & add them to your account with one click on the "Edit" page.

More Room to Work with Show Your Work:
Our Show Your Work question type now has a fullscreen workspace! You and your students have extra space to upload images, type, solve equations, produce detailed drawings and more! Bonus: you can zoom in & out on the canvas space using your trackpad or keyboard shortcuts. 

Restore Deleted Students Accounts:
Did your student accidentally delete their account or didn't follow instructions? No worries! You can easily restore their account from your Classes page!

Force Students to Submit:
Sometimes a student forgets to submit their responses, sometimes they want to go back and change answers later, and sometimes time is just up. No matter the case, you can now force submit for a student and Formative will automatically score their unanswered questions + trigger any returning of scores or answers that you may have set when assigning.

Add Grade Levels & Subjects to Classes for Easier Organization:
On your Classes page you can add grade levels & subject information for your classes. This is particularly helpful if you'll be adding co-teachers or sharing common assessments to help everyone stay organized. 

Post to Google Classroom Faster:
Previously when posting your formatives to Google Classroom, there was a "Post to Google Classroom" toggle under optional settings. Now, when you select a class on the "Assign" page that's linked with Google, the option to assign & post to your Google Classroom is right on the main page.

Other Enhancements:
• New articles in our interactive Help Center to help you get the most out of Formative including a special section containing tips for using Formative in different subject areas.
• Standards sets added or updated in our database (Texas, Indiana, Arizona, and more!)

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