A New Way to View & Act on Student Responses:
We've updated the View Response page to give you more room to view student responses. Click on the student's name to see a nice little overview of their answers. The new expanded view is perfect for viewing and scoring Free Response, Drawing or Numeric/Mathematical responses. 

Send Scores Directly to Google Classroom: Premium*
Grade Passback to Google Classroom is here! 🎉 This much awaited feature brings even more integration to those using Google Classroom. With a few clicks, you can control which grades to send to your Gradebook and whether or not to show scores to students. Grade Passback will not only save you time but also make sure your Gradebook is accurate and up to date.

Narrow Down Your Search for the Perfect Formative:
Having a hard time choosing between all of the great formatives in the Library? When you visit our Library of pre-made content graciously shared by other Formative Educators, you're able to see the number of downloads and ratings directly on the page main page. Sorting by popularity and rating are great ways to narrow down the search. Be sure to rate your favorite formatives or share some of your own!

Avoid Accidentally Deleting:
If you delete an item on your formative that has student responses or will affect collaborators, you'll be asked to confirm to prevent any accidental repurcussions.

New Ways to Add Content: Premium*
Embed content from outside of Formative directly into questions and answers where you see the "+" sign. This saves your students from opening new tabs and getting distracted. You can also embed feedback if your students need a refresher or to review materials. Need help finding or creating iframe codes? Visit our Help Center.

*The ability to share grades with Google Classroom and embed content are a few of our many great premium features. Find out more about premium and see special trial offers here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

Other Enhancements:
• Faster Show Your Work experience for students
• Improvements when printing drawing responses
• New articles in our interactive Help Center to help you get the most out of Formative
• Standards sets added or updated in our database (North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Alberta Education, and more!)

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