From the "Teachers Report" tab in your Admin tab, you can view all of the formatives that a teacher has created or added to their account. You can also view their Trackers, to see and compare progress - by class and individual student - on formatives and against standards.

To view formatives a teacher has created:

  1. Click on the "Teachers Report" tab within your Admin tab

  2. Filter by school, assessment type, grades, subject, standard and category if necessary

  3. Click on a teacher's name to bring up all of their formatives:

Formatives are listed alphabetically.

You can click on the blue title of any formative to view the student responses to that formative. Formatives that have been assigned and received responses will have a color-coded percentage next to the formative title:

You can click on these formatives to view the student response data.

NEW! You can also view each teacher's Tracker, to see scores - by class and by student - on every formative in one consolidated view! You can even view the data by standard. To view a teacher's Tracker:

  1. Click on a teacher's name in the Teachers Report tab of your Admin tab

  2. Click on "View Tracker"

You can view class averages, or click on a class name to expand it and see all the students. You can click on any student's individual percentage to see all their responses and scores for that formative.


  • Try clicking on a student's name to see a color-coded headline view of their performance! You can click on any formative title there to see the student's responses.

  • Toggle to "Standards" to view all the data by standard instead of assignment!

  • You can filter by formative type, assessment type, grades, subject, standard and category. You can also sort the students in different ways, and export the data to a spreadsheet or Google Sheet.

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