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Consolidated Menu:

As we're adding more and features, we wanted to make options easily accessible. When you're in your formative, you can click on the drop down to access options such as sharing, publishing, printing, join instructions, etc.

Improvements to Drag & Drop for Categorize Questions: Premium*

Students no longer need to drag and drop to place an item in a category. They can simply click and drop! This is a big improvement for those with small screens and touchscreen devices.

Save Time and Add to Your Answer Key While You Grade: Premium*
On the View Response page, you can click on a student's response that's been auto-graded as incorrect and add it to your existing answer key with one click. This will update your answer key so that other students with the same response are marked correct too.

Set Random Question Order as Your Default Assign Setting: Premium*

If you find yourself almost always clicking "Display questions in random order" when assigning your formatives, you can change your default assign settings to randomize question. Default settings can be changed or adjusted at any time. 

*The ability to correct answer choices from the View Response page, randomize question order and access to additional question types such as our Categorize question are a few of our many great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

See Timestamp in the Tracker:

If you open a student's response in the Tracker, you can see the time/date they answered the question.  

Tracker Score Calculations:

We listened to our educators and made another change to the Tracker. The Tracker will only show 0's if the question was auto-graded as a 0 or the teacher scored the response(s) as a 0. 

Other Tweaks:

• Header and title lock in place when scrolling your formative
• Title bar is more pleasing and includes a placeholder so you don't forget to name your formative
• Chart View is no longer the default on the View Response page but you can toggle it on/off at any time
• Deleted formatives can be restored for teachers with a premium or partner account

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