1. While in the Formative you'd like to assign, click on the "Assign" tab.

2. Select the class you would like to assign your Formative by clicking on the bubble next to it.

3. Click on "Adjust settings (optional)"

4. Select the "Restrict to Individual Students" toggle.

5. Select the students you'd like to complete your Formative.

6. Click "Assign"

Note: you can always go back and edit your selection from the "Assign" tab.


  • You can always make changes by returning to your "Assign" tab. By clicking on the Class Name you can toggle individual students on or off as needed (Great if someone is absent!)

  • You can clone a formative as many times as you need to, then edit the clones to make them differentiated for different groups. Then assign each clone to the relevant group!

What's Next? 

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