You can randomize the question order for your students! This is a particularly useful feature when you assign a formative as a test/exam.

When assigning, under "Adjust Settings", select "Display questions in random order" and each student will see a different version. 

Title and Instructions Block

Your Formative title can now be edited at the top of the list of questions! An instructions block will also be expanded that will permanently remain above the formative, even when questions are randomized.

💭 Troubleshooting

  • When I chose to put questions in random order, it rearranged everything in my formative. Why?

This feature will randomize text blocks and other content as well as questions! If you have an image (for example) that needs to be locked to a question, make sure that you upload the image directly in the question - not as a separate content block.

  • What happens if I randomize questions that I attached to an enhanced pdf?

You can randomize questions that are attached to a pdf, however, this will not move what is actually written on the document. Only the question numbers will change. We don't recommend using randomize for formatives that are made using uploaded and enhanced pdfs, because this can be confusing to students.

What's Next?

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