Move Student Between Existing Classes:
If students are already in one of your classes, you can move them to another class with a few clicks! Students won't need to enter a join code or do anything on their end.

Clone Classes:
Create copies of your Class(es) to separate data by content area. If you're teaching the same students multiple subjects, you can create a copy of the class and rename it for the content area (ie, Social Studies). This will help keep your data separate and organized in the Tracker too.

Lock Classes: Premium*
You can lock your class(es) so that no more students will be able to join even if they have the join code. You can quickly unlock/re-lock your class(es) to allow new students to join. Tip: Locking your class(es) will also prevent you from making any accidental changes.

Partial Credit for Resequence Question Types: Premium*
You can now toggle on partial credit for Resequence questions and students will receive some points even if they place something in the wrong order.

*The option to allow partial credit is one of our many great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

Preview Has a New Look:
Preview looks and functions the same, but looks a little more modern and clean. Opening Preview is a great way to view and interact with your formative from a student's perspective.  

Smarter Auto-Scoring with Partial Match: Premium*
For Short Answer and Free Response questions, if partial match is enabled and students include trailing zeros, their answers will be counted as correct. 

Accept and Join Organization from your Account: Premium Teams/Schools*
If your school is one of our many valued partner schools and your admin invites you to join the organization on Formative, you can now accept and join right from your Formative account. Before you had to check your email for the invite. 

*Formative offers exclusive features, benefits and access to our premium partner schools. Find out how Formative can improve learning at your school here.

Other Performance Enhancements:

• Math (LaTeX) improvements when using physical keyboard
• Equation keyboard improvements on mobile devices
• Tracker improvements

See our updates in action with a short video!

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