Archive Classes:
You can archive your old classes to keep data safe while cleaning up your account! Archived classes and their data won't appear in your account or the students'. You can always restore classes to access the data later. 

Publish Folders to the Library as Bundles:
It's now easier than ever to add a bundle of formatives to the library and edit the bundle later! You can publish entire folders to the Library as a bundle.

Student Tracker Improvements:
We've updated our beloved Tracker! You may not notice much of a difference look-wise but it is now more responsive and can handle loading larger data sets.  Don't worry about tagging too many standards, as it'll handle a lot more!

Select to Sync Google Classroom:
When you import your classes from Google Classroom, you will have an option to select which classes to sync. Previously, we imported/sync'd all classes. Classes that are archived in Google Classroom will automatically be archived in Formative. 

A Social Way to Share:
Easily share your formatives and folders via social media.

More Control Over Your Plan:
Within your profile, under plan, you can suspend billing (if you're on a monthly plan), see your next billing cycle and easily access old receipts. No more digging through your email if you need to be reimbursed by your school.

Student Account Creation Changes:
If your students need to create an account on Formative, they will now need to use your class code to authorize. Your class code can be found on your Classes page after you create a class. Once they enter the class code on the Sign Up page, they can sign in with Google, Clever or use their email to create an account.

Item Bank Improvements:
Sometimes when you would add a question to your formative from the item bank, it would place it at the top. We were able to get that fixed and now your item bank questions are added exactly where you place them.

See our updates in action with a short video!

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