Dashboard Shortcuts:
Everybody loves a good shortcut to save time! See and utilize more information right from your Dashboard. After you assign a formative to your class, you can see key information on the Dashboard such as if the formative is open or closed, if scores are set to be returned, if the formative is scheduled or assigned to individuals, and more!

A Standards Tracker for Students: Premium Teams/Schools*

Students can track their growth on standards right from their own dashboard! If you tag standards to a formative, have scores set to be returned or close the formative after they've submitted, students will be able to see and track their progress by clicking on the 'Standards' tab.

*Student access to standards tracking data and other great team features are only available with a team or school license. Find out how Formative can improve learning at your school here

Randomize Questions: Premium*
You can randomize the question order for your students! When assigning, under option settings select "Display questions in random order" and each student will see a different version. 

Add Audio to Any Question Type: Premium*

Audio can be added as content to any question type or answer choice where you see the + sign. This is great if you'd like to read the prompt to your students or if you'd like to audibly ask a question and have your students respond with audio.

*The option to randomize question order and add audio features are just a few of our great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

Enhancements for Mobile Devices:

We improved the user experience for those accessing Formative via mobile or devices with a smaller screen. While these improvements may not be obvious, we hope it makes your experience more pleasant.

Library Filter Improvements:
Using filters to narrow down searches in Library just got a little smoother!

Tracker Performance Improvements:
The Tracker on the teacher side is able to more quickly handle larger data sets.

More Standards Available:

New Jersey (Math), Kansas (ELA and Science), Missouri (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies), and Nebraska (Science) have recently been added or updated. We have well over 1,000 standard sets to choose from and are always adding more! Select the standards you use from your account settings and begin tagging standards to your formatives today!

Here's a quick video to see these new features and changes in action! Feel free to share with a friend or colleague! 

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