Show Your Work Question Improvements:
We've greatly improved abilities within a Show Your Work question type. Now students and teachers can better manipulate text. You can go back and edit or delete text without worrying about erasing the entire thing. You can use the selection tool to re-arrange the text box and if you happen to accidentally delete using the eraser tool, the undo button will bring it back. We're working on even more improvements here, so keep an eye out! 

A New Way to View Responses:
We streamlined the View Response page to add a whole new experience! Teachers can see how many students responded to each answer choice. You can use this overview to quickly see what your class has mastered and what they may need more help with. Just click on a question number and then the icon on right to toggle this view on/off.

Student Response Indicator:
If you've manually scored a student's response and they change their answer, you'll see an exclamation mark next to their response and a text warning in the sidebar.

Bidirectional Feedback: Premium*
Students can now initiate and reply to feedback! On the student side, they are notified in the formative and on their Dashboard when their teacher leaves feedback and there is a chat format in which they can reply.

If a student needs help, they can send feedback to their teacher.

On the teacher side, you’ll see a notification in the upper right and an icon next to the student’s response.

*Bidirectional feedback is one of our many great premium features. Find out more about premium here or visit this page to compare all of our available subscription types.

Improvements to Header Images:
Personalize your formative by adding a header image! You can upload from your computer or Google Drive. If you decide you don't want an image anymore, just click on a pre-set background color to change it.

Standards Descriptions:
If you hover your mouse over the standards tag in the Tracker, you'll be able to see the full description.

New Look for Preview:
One small change that you may have noticed is that we changed the look of the Preview button to make it a bit more apparent. Use the Preview feature to view & interact with your formative or just get a feel before assigning it to your students.

Watch the video below to see these changes in action!

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