Our team does our best to be available when you need help. Most of the time you can connect with one of our awesome team members through out chat like this.

We use a third-party platform called Intercom to manage and provide our customer support. Intercom is a powerful tool that allows us to provide the best experience possible. 

Why would an adblocking extension or plugin block Intercom?

While Intercom isn't an ad-provider, adblocking plugins (e.g. uBlock, Ghostery, Adblock, NoScript, Firefox Privacy Browsing mode and using an Incognito window in Google Chrome) offer options to block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality. 

Since Intercom communicates conversation detail as well as offering the ability to submit application insights about your behavior within Formative's application, Intercom is included in some of these secondary lists. Though there are many lists, the majority of Intercom blockages are caused by inclusion in the EasyList list.

EasyList is an optional supplementary subscription that completely removes all forms of tracking from the internet, including web bugs, tracking scripts and information collectors, thereby protecting your personal data.

How can I enable the chat support?

If you wish to enable the chat support on Formative but still use an ad blocker, you should either disable or enable the ad blocker specifically for the following websites domains:

  • *app.formative.com Formative does not serve ads, so it's safe to allow our domain.

  • *.segment.io Required to enable the chat button.

  • *.segment.com Required to enable the chat button.

  • *.intercom.com Required to enable the chat button.

What if I still can't reach you?

Since many of our users are on school internet connections, and schools usually have pretty secured networks, it may be possible that your network administrator needs to specifically add Formative and Intercom to their "Allow" list.

We understand and value security here at Formative so we're always happy to answer any questions.

In the event you still can't reach us via chat, you can email us at support@goformative.com 

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