Item Bank:
Quickly find and add questions from the Library to your formative. Click "search from existing formatives" when creating your formative. You can then search by keyword or use filters to find questions to add. 

Search Library by Author:
If you discover an author that publishes formatives you love, you can now search for all formatives created by them either by using the search bar or clicking their name. 

Print Feedback:
In addition to printing your student responses with scores, you can print with the feedback you've given. This is perfect for a take-home to parents or for students to reference!

Students Can Sort & Search Formatives:
We added a few ways for students to view and access their formatives. They can sort by class, by title or last updated. There's also a search bar. 

Tracker Improvements:
We improved filtering in the Tracker by dates. There are pre-set options or you can completely customize by a specific date range.

*Please note that with a free account you can only view the previous 14 days. Upgrade to Premium for unlimited lookbacks.

Different Levels of Collaboration: Premium Team Feature*
Give your collaborators the ability to assign only or edit and assign formatives and folders you create and share together. You can change these settings at any time.

*Collaboration and other great team features are only available with a team or school license. Find out how Formative can improve learning at your school here

As we've added more and more features for teams, we made it easier to upgrade. Now you can self-upgrade to a small team license directly or talk to a team member for larger quantity licenses that are designed to save even more and offer personalized support! Both options are available here.

Watch this short video to see these features in action!

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