Export Tracker Data:
For the first time ever you can export data from your Tracker! Select the class, date and choose whether to export as a .csv file or to Google Sheets.

Edit Student Names:
You can edit student names from your Classes page. Simply click on the student's name to make changes.

Case Sensitivity Option for Autoscoring: Premium*
With Short Answer and Free Response question types, you can toggle on/off case sensitivity for autoscoring! This is perfect if your students should be capitalizing proper nouns.

*Case sensitivity is a Premium feature. Find out more about this and other great Premium features here.

Date Ranges in Your Tracker:
Set a specific date range for viewing your Tracker data by clicking on "Dates" and selecting a custom date for lookbacks.

*Please note that with a free account you can only view the previous 14 days. Upgrade to Premium for unlimited lookbacks.

Collaborative Folders: Premium Team Feature*
Share entire folders with collaborators! Click on the bubble next to the folder on your dashboard and enter your colleague's email. You'll be able to share the folder and live edit together!

*Collaboration and other team features are only available with a team or school license. Find out how Formative can improve learning at your school here.

Students Can Jump to Specific Questions:
While taking formatives, students can click on the question number at the top to go to a specific question without the need to scroll through the entire formative. This is particularly helpful if students skip questions or want to see live feedback quickly.

Make subscript or superscript characters by highlighting text and clicking the sub or superscript icon.

Text into Fractions:
Easily turn any text into a fraction! Type your fraction (e.g. 1/2), highlight the text and click the fraction icon.

Open Formatives in a New Tab/Window:
It's the little things that save you time! You can right click on formatives from your dashboard to open them in a new tab/window. 

Improvements to Printing: Premium*
We made some formatting improvements when printing your formatives with or without student scores.

*Printing is one of our many great Premium features. Find out more about this and other great Premium features here.

This month we made a video so you can see our newest updates live in action! Check it out:

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