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Assign to Individual Students:

We cleaned up the look of the assign page a little, but the most notable change is the ability to assign to individual students!* Tailor your formatives to select students. Maybe a student was absent that day, out of school for a few weeks or requires a re-take. This new feature gives teachers even more control over how and when their students access and complete formative assessments. 

*Please note: the option to assign and change settings for individual students is a Premium feature. Learn more about Premium here

New Ways to Share:

Working with colleagues is only one click away now.  From within the formative, click the people icon easily share a copy of your formative with colleagues, add collaborators or publish to the Library. 

*Collaboration is a Premium Team/School Feature. Find out more here

Search for Formatives by Title in the Library:
You can use quotations to search for formatives by title in the Library. This works both in the public library and your school's private library (if you have access*).

*A personalized, private library is only available with a team or
school subscription. Find out more

Expand Student Reports in Tracker:

When looking at a single student in the Tracker, you can expand the report. This is perfect if you're sharing at a conference, with parents or with the student. You won't need to worry about accidentally showing another student's information.

Adjust Image Sizes:
Anywhere to see the + sign to add content, you can add an image. Once you've uploaded the image, it can be resized by dragging the sides. 

Helpful tip: Use the Preview button to see how the formative looks on different student devices to get the sizing just right.

Add Emojis as Content:
Emojis can convey emotion, catch the attention of your students or just add a splash of fun to your formative! Look for the + sign next to questions, answers or content and add emojis. There are so many to choose from! 

More Room for Students to Work:
Larger student work space!  Students can enlarge the text box for Short Answer questions if they need more room to work.

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