In the View Responses tab, click on a single student's response to open the right side panel. Type in feedback in the feedback box and click on "Send". Your student will receive it instantly!

Just like with any other text, you can also bold, italicize, underline and hyperlink the feedback that you send to students! Simply highlight the text and select from the menu. You also have the option of using the Math keyboard, or if you are a Premium or Partner user, you can also:

  • Draw feedback on top of student work

  • Record a voice comment using the "Audio" option

  • Embed other sites into your feedback message

  • Send an image, video, an emoji or file in your feedback !

Just click the blue "+" button next to the text box:

If you are a Premium or Partner user, your students will have all the same options in their responses! They can send you a voice comment, for example, instead of typing a message.

To send delayed feedback, first in your Assign Options, set After Submission to "Keep visible (no edits allowed)" and the Return Scores option to "when closed".

In the "View Responses" toggle on the "delayed feedback button" to send the feedback once the assignment is closed, or you can keep the "delayed feedback" button untoggled to send the feedback instantly nonetheless.

To delete any feedback, simply click on the trashcan icon within the message. A notification will pop up to confirm deletion:

Students can easily see which questions you've provided feedback for by looking for a notification at the top right of their page. They can also see a message icon above the question number in the progress bar.

Clicking on the feedback will take them to the relevant question:

If you have enabled students to edit after submission, they can use your feedback to improve their responses!

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