More Sorting Options in the Tracker:
Sort by first or last names alphabetically in the Tracker!

A New Way to Unassign:

Accidentally assigned your formative to the wrong class or too soon? Now you can just click on your class and then the trashcan icon.

New Ways to Provide Feedback:

You can now share images or use our math features to provide feedback to your students! 

*Please note that using images is a Premium feature! To find out more or upgrade your account please click here.

Schedule Formatives: Premium
Are you not always able to log in to assign your formative or do you want your formative only open for a certain amount of time? You can now select times to assign and/or close your formative automatically!
Formatives that are scheduled will have a calendar icon on your Dashboard and next to the class on the View Response page.

Students will be able to see the end time on their dashboards too so they know when to submit by:

Print Formatives with Scores: Premium

Now you can print formatives with your student's responses and their scores. This is particularly helpful if you'd like to send a copy home to a parent.

Student Feedback:

Students can easily see which questions you've provided feedback for by look for the message icon next to the question number.

Partial Credit for Categorize Questions: Premium

Switch on the ability to allow partial credit for categorize question types to take auto-grading up a notch by allowing your students to get credit for answering part of the question correct.

Folder Organization for Collaborators: Premium Team*

Now a collaborator can move shared formatives into folders even if they're not the original author.

*Collaborator is only available with a Team/School license. Find out more here and learn about other exciting team benefits!

More Information Available to Students:
At a glance, students can see their scores, if the formative is open/closed, if multiple submissions are allowed and start/end dates right on their dashboard. 

Please note: the information available to students depends on the return score and open/close settings you've chosen. Please visit our Help Center to learn how to use those features. 

See Full Title of Your Formatives:
It's the little things that can make a difference! If you have a formative with a long title, try hovering your mouse over the title of your formative to see the complete title.

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