View your students' progress overall or their responses for just a single question. 

View your students' progress for all questions:

  1. Navigate to "View Responses" located at the top of your page in your formative:

   2. From here you can view the overall class progress in the "totals" tab:

View responses for individual questions:

  1. Click on a single question number and it will show all student responses for that particular question: 

2. To view an individual student's response, click on their response. A panel on the right will appear to view the student's response much larger:

3. Within individual questions, you can also view responses in chart view. This allows you to see how many students gave a particular response to a question. You can toggle between individual responses and chart view by clicking on the chart icon on the right of the page:

4. If students completed the formative using "guest students", those results will only be visible in the "View Response" section.

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