To unassign a formative from your class or guest students*:

  1. Go to "Assign"

  2. Select the class it's actively assigned to 

  3. Click "Adjust Settings" or the pencil icon

  4. Click on the trashcan icon next to the "View Responses" button:

Unassigning a formative from students in a class will cause their responses to disappear from your View Responses page and Tracker.

However, you can re-assign to the same class and their data will re-populate.

*Please note: unassigning a formative from guest students will cause their data to disappear from your View Responses and since those accounts are temporary and students can't log back in, you cannot re-assign to them.

If you want to hide formatives from your students while keeping data in your account, you can do this in your After Submission settings.

What's Next?

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