New View Responses Page
Perhaps our biggest and most noticeable change is to the View Response page! You can now see an overview of all your classes at once along with how they did overall and on specific questions. You'll be able to easily compare your classes and see what questions students need more help with.

Student Sorting
You can now sort your students and their responses in a variety of ways--by first/last name, points and random!

The ability to sort randomly is particularly helpful if you'll be using the hide names feature to share responses with your class in the classroom. 

*Please note that random sorting is a Premium feature! To find out more or upgrade your account please click here.

Common Assessments for Schools: Premium Team Feature*

You can now publish formatives directly to a private library for your school! By making them a common assessment other educators won't be able to edit or change the content of the formative so everyone will have the same copy!

Improvements to Co-Teaching: Premium Team Feature*
We improved the Tracker for shared classes so that you and your co-teacher can both use the Tracker to keep track of your data for your shared classes.

*The Co-Teacher feature and common assessments are only available with a Team/School license. Find out more here!

Enhancements to Class Syncing with Clever

When you login with Clever your classes will automatically re-sync any new students saving you the guest work!

Easily Switch Between Multiple Choice and Multiple Selection
Changing your question from a multiple choice to a multiple selection or vice versa keeps your question and answer text. No need to retype.

Upload from Google Drive
Don't have the file you need saved on your computer? No problem. We now offer seamless integration with Google Drive so you can upload your files from anywhere at any time to easily transform into a formative! You can even upload images from your Google Drive to add to your formative.

Standards Visible in Exports
Now when you export your formative results you'll be able to see the standards you've tagged to your questions!

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