Changes to Assign/Share Page:
We made a few minor changes to the Assign/Share page that we hope you find helpful. Now you can add a new class and/or add students to classes directly from the assign page!

Streamlined Guest and Student Join Instructions:
A minor change was made to save you some time after assigning formatives to guests and students in your class. After assigning the formative, instructions pop-up while simultaneously taking you directly to the View Response need for an extra click or two.

Sync Your Clever Classes:
We're excited to announce that you can now sync your Clever Classes directly with Formative! Just go to your Classes page and then look for the 'Sync Clever Classes' button. 

*Please make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser so you can sign into your Clever account.

Group Scoring/Feedback: Premium
You can now select multiple student responses to score and give feedback to for faster grading! Go to a question number on the View Response page and select the students whose responses you want to score/give feedback to.

Co-Teaching a Class: Premium Team Feature
One of our biggest features to can co-teach classes with colleagues! Together you'll be able to share a class, edit and create formatives, and share student response data.

You can add one of your team members as a Co-Teacher to your class under the Classes page:

Once they're added, you'll see an icon next to your shared formatives and you can edit, assign and see class data for all formatives assigned to your shared class!

*Please note that the Co-Teacher feature is only available with a Team/School license. Find out more here!

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