Preview what your formative will look like for your students! 

Click on the "preview" button or eye icon located at the top right of your page: 

While in Preview, you can see how your formative will appear to students on various devices by selecting the desired preview device icon!

You can also click the "pop out" icon to open the Preview in a new tab. This will update every second as you build your formative, so you can quickly click between the two tabs to check how your formative will appear to your students:

You can even answer the questions while in Preview, and click on "View Responses" to see how your answers would be auto-graded!

Note: Responses you give while in Preview will not be included in your Tracker, unless you hit "submit". Once submitted, your responses will be included in your Tracker under "Teacher Preview".

What's Next?

Learn how to Assign a Formative!

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