Instantly Close a Formative:
Pencils Down!  Now, when you close a formative the changes are reflected instantly in the students account even if they're actively working on it. The submit button will not be visible and students can't submit until you re-open the formative.

Library Bundles:

Want to grab a set of similar formatives from the library? Well now you and others can group formatives in a bundle so they're easier for others to grab! Just head over to the Library and look for the word 'bundle' next to the title. 

You can preview the individual formatives before adding the bundle by clicking on their title:

Once you're ready to add a bundle to your account, you can click on the + icon or 'Add formatives to my formative list'. Then click 'GO' or 'view my new bundle'. They'll be added to a nice little folder for you to use!

Searching Library by Standards:
We've now made it so you can search the Library by standards! Make sure you have the standards set(s)  added to your account under the Settings page first.

* We're working on getting more formatives with standards tagged and we'd love for you to publish some of your own to share with other teachers too.

Partial Credit with Multiple Selection Questions: Premium
Want to give your students partial credit but don't want to manually grade? We're saving you time by allowing partial credit on Multiple Selection questions. After setting your answer key, click the 'allow Partial Credit' toggle and Formative will do the rest.

*Live Collaborative Editing: Premium Team
You can now add a collaborator from your team to your formative! You'll be able to create and edit together in real time! Go to your Assign page then click 'Share with Colleagues'. Just enter their email and we'll email them an invitation.

*Please note that the collaborative feature is only available to Team/School partnerships. Find out more here!

Sorting Live Responses:
You asked for it so we made it! You can now sort your responses alphabetically and by points. Click on the AZ sort icon on your View Responses page and sort away!

We hope that you enjoy these update as much as we do bringing them to you! There's more to come! In case you missed them, check out our April Updates here.

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