*Collaboration: For those of you who are in a school partnership, you now have the ability to collaborate with Admins and other teachers in your team! When you are ready to start collaborating, go to your "Assign/Share" toggle at the top center of your screen. From here, select "Share with Colleagues" from the Assign Panel. You will see that you have the option to then enter your colleagues email address. From here, you can start collaborating with those you include to collaborate with (you can add as many collaborators as you want). This feature allows users to create formatives together: 

The formative will automatically appear on your colleague's dashboard and will notice an icon next to it to indicate it is a collaborative formative:

*Please note that the collaborative feature is only available to Team/School partnerships. Find out more here!

Print Blank Formatives:
There are two ways to print a blank formative: On the top right hand of your screen you can access your Preview button and once it's open, you will see the print icon: 

The second way, is directly clicking the print icon that is located next to your Preview button. Choose option "Blank Formative": 

Print Formatives with Responses: Yes, as you have seen above, you have an option to print Formatives with student responses! Using the same print icon, select "w/ Student Responses". You can do this from your Edit page or your View Responses Page. Once you click on the print button, you can select which class whose formative with responses you want to print. After selecting the class, you can select individual students to print a single formatives at a time:  

From Edit Page: 

From View Responses Page: 

Numeric Question Type:
NEW question type! This feature allows your students to respond using math symbols easily! You can see student math tools in the Preview screen: 

Audio Content: NEW content! Teachers now have the ability to record themselves for students to listen! This is great for giving directions to early reader students or World Language classrooms:

Add Images/Math Equations in Categorizing & Resequence Question Types: you can now include images from a web search or your own files, and/or math equations in the items: 



Group/Batch Scoring & Feedback: in your View Responses page, you can now select multiple students at a time to give the same score and feedback at the same time:

Standard Description in Tracker: while you are in the Tracker, in the Standards & Tags page, you can now hover your curser over the standards and the description of each standard will appear for you to view.

Publish from your Dashboard: You can now also publish your formatives to our Library from your dashboard! Select your formative, and you will notice an extra option to "Publish": 

We're excited for you to use these new updates to help you in the classroom! As always, we appreciate your feedback to help us improve and provide you with the tools you need to be successful in the classroom! 

In case you missed it, here's the updates we posted from March!

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