Faster and More Stable:
Your Live Responses are faster than ever.  We reduced the time for student response to save by 30% this month, and we plan to continue speeding them up!  Simultaneously, we made over two dozen updates focused on architecture and other performance areas, resulting in a more stable experience.

Math Block:
You no longer need to type in Latex Math codes to access the math symbols you need! Now, when you create a Math Block, a chart will appear for you to select which symbols you want to use.  
Note: You can also use your keyboard to type in the numbers and symbols.

You can now also add a Math Block in potential answers for Multiple Choice and/or Multiple Selection question types.

Upload & Transform:  
There's a minor change to this feature. You will notice that after you upload your PDF/Doc/Image and click on the area you want to add a question to, a selection panel for Question Types pop up for you to choose. You will then select the question type you want before it appears on the right side panel:

Preview Page:
You might notice that the the navigation bars on the top of your Build Page appears differently. We have swapped out the Assign button and the Preview button! 

When you click on Preview button, it will now appear on the right side of your screen as a panel. It will say "Preview On!" if your preview is being used.

You can select to view the formative in what it appears in smaller devices like cell phones: 

You can select to view the formative in what it appears in tablets: 

You can select to view the formative in what it appears in bigger devices like lap tops and desktops: 

You can simply click on the "X" button to close out your Preview Panel:

We hope that you find these updates helpful and makes your formative building much more efficient! 

In case you missed it, here is a link to the updates we posted from February


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