If your students don't have Formative accounts just yet, you can create their accounts and add them to your class all from within your own account. If they do have accounts, here's how they can join your class. You can also add students from your other classes!

Here's how to add students to a class with a username and password, or invite students to join a class with an email address:

1. Go to the "Classes" page

2. Click on the "+" icon next to the number of students (see a lock icon there instead? Click on it to bring up a window where you can unlock the class)

3. Enter the student's first and last names

4. Enter a desired username (if the username is already taken, try another) and password, or enter the student's email address - this will send an email to the student with a link, inviting them to create an account and/or join your class

5. Click "Add Students:"

What's Next?

Find out how students can sign up for their own accounts and join your class (and how they can join your class if they already have a Formative account!)

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