You can now access our Library from your main dashboard! 

Our library also has a new look: 

You can use the left panel to sort the library by Grades and Subjects. As soon as you filter, the Formatives that applies to the filter will populate in the center of the page: 

You can also use the Search Bar to find a topic within Formatives. In the example below, the teacher filtered to the Grade Level and Subject first, and then typed in a keyword: 

*Note: To clear your search, delete your search bar and hit your ENTER key to continue to see other Formatives. 

You can now also preview the content of each Formative, by clicking on a Formative out of the selections from the center of the page: 

You like the what you see? You can add that Formative directly into your own Formatives List by selecting either the + sign by clicking "Add to my formatives list" at the bottom of the preview screen.

And when you are ready to add or edit anything in the Formative after adding it to your Formatives List, you can access the Formative from your dashboard, or an easier way is just select "View your new Formative" directly at the bottom of the Preview screen. This will take you to the Formative where you are ready to make any edits and Assign!

Publish your own Formatives to our Library!:
There's two ways to publish the Formatives you create in our Library!
The first one is right after you have created your Formative, you can select the "Assign/Share" button on the top right hand corner of your screen. Your Assign Panel will appear and on that panel, you have the option to "Publish to Library". After filling in the appropriate information for that Formative, you can select the "Publish" button to post to the Library! Here's how: 

*Note: at the end of the gif, it shows how the Formative looks like after it has been posted to the Library

The second way is pretty much the same. Except you can access your Panel from your Formatives dashboard by selecting the plus sign under any class: 

Assign/Share: You can now get the share code or link for a Formative as soon as you complete creating one to share with your colleagues from the assign panel. Click on "Share or Collaborate" to access the share code and link:

Anti-Cheat Tool:
Formative now notifies teachers when a student enters a response that includes a pasted response. While viewing the View Responses page by question number, there will be a red exclamation mark next to the student's response: 

When you expand the student response, your view panel should look like this. From here, you can then notify your student by feedback as well as decide on how to score their response:
*Note: Any auto-grading question that has a copy and pasted alert, will not be auto-graded.

Expand Question Details:
In the View Responses page, you can now expand the question details. This will show the answer key as well as how many points the question is worth: 

You can also zoom in and zoom out in the View Responses page!
You can do this by using the zoom scroll bar on the right side of your screen: 

Standards Description in Tracker View:
You can now put your cursor over the standard while on your Tracker View and the description will show for you to see: 

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these recent updates! Stay tuned for more next month!
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