Account Info: 

    You can now Add the Grade level(s) and Subject(s) you teach! We're going to release features that will recommend resources based on the information you provide here. Go to your Account Info page to add them: 

Default Settings: Premium
You can now set a Default Point Value from your Settings page. This will automatically set your point value to future questions you create. Make sure to click "Save Changes"! : 

    You can also create Default Assign Settings from the same settings page. This will automatically apply for every time you assign your Formatives. Make sure to click "Save Changes"! : 

   And finally, you can make changes to your Score Threshold! From here, you can change the colors of what your score range represents, as well as the numerical range of your scores! You can add additional score ranges as well as delete. From the same settings page, here's how you can do it. Make sure to click "Save Changes"! : 

Teacher Dashboard:
You can now easily assign Formatives from your dashboard! All you have to do is hover your cursor over the section where the Formative row that you’d like to assign intersects with the class column you’d like to assign it to. Or you can click on the blank box if you have a touch screen:

Build Page:
There is a small new feature while using the Show Your Work tool! You can now adjust the size of the Text within the canvas. Just select the the size you want from the size chart and then the text tool and start typing. Here's how:

    You can now also attach a hyperlink to your questions! Type out your question and highlight the word(s) you want to hyperlink. A text tool will appear where you can select the hyperlink icon and paste your link there. Make sure to hit enter button from your keyboard so that the hyperlink saves: 

View Responses:
There are several small updates on this page! 

Class Name:
The first one is, when you have assigned to more than one class, you can now hover your cursor over the square tabs on the left to see the full class name. You will see below that a small pop up shows the full class name:

Time Stamp:
    There is now a time stamp that shows when a student has submitted with both date and time, when you hover over the green check mark that symbolized the student has submitted their Formative: 

Anti Cheat:  Premium

    When a student submits a response that includes something they have copied and pasted, you will get a flagged notification on the response! It will show a message that says: 

Here's how it appears from the View Panel: 

Tracker: Premium
In the Tracker view, you can now filter your view by assignment types. This way you will only view Formatives with the filter you have selected: 

    You can now score from the Tracker view! You can select a Formative taken by your student and you can give scores from this panel. Here's how:

BONUS: Here's another bonus for you! From one of our very one Formative Certified Educator, Michael Lutz! He created a Formative full of fun ways showing you how to use Formative.
Check it out here! (updated on February 28, 2018) 

We hope that you enjoy our updates! Please stay tuned for our future ones!

Check out our February Updates Here!

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